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There’s a word for that…

What’s the word for knowing you read something somewhere on-line but now you can’t find it and you can’t remember which site it was on? I thought I left the tab open because I wanted to link this article to

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EAT MORE KALE? BUY MORE BOOKS! by Lynne Weiss – Change Seven Magazine

Here’s my New Year’s Resolution, and it’s not to eat more kale. I eat quite a bit of kale. It’s satifsying. It’s good for me and the farmers who grow it, and it’s good for the environment. But I’m …

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The Tyranny of Good – Change Seven Magazine

by Joe Mills My piano playing has improved. I have advanced from the children’s books to the adult ones. I have begun to play the black keys and the white keys in the same song. I have learned a co…

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