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Sixty Years of Tracking Publications… and Rejections ‹ Literary Hub

Thoughts on rejection from my thesis advisor. I’m glad he is still writing–and keeping score. Jay’s persistence is an inspiration, and I think of the mantra of meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg each morning as I sit down to write–Begin Again.

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A blog post that deserves more attention.I’ve only read one of these–The Fact of a Body–and agree with the description of it as “exciting, shattering, exquisitely crafted (and researched).” I hope to get to a few more of these in the next couple of a months.

26 Books From the Last Decade That If You Haven’t Read—You Should | Literary Hub With the end of anything comes reflection. We’ve been doing quite a bit of it here at Literary Hub, as you may have noticed, but

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Looking for ways to help people find alternatives to Amazon before it completely destroys us. 

Give a gift that supports small presses: Skip Amazon and buy direct – Chicago Tribune Biblioracle columnist John Warner calls on readers to buy from small and independent presses directly, rather than via Amazon — which, according to Publishers Weekly,

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The story behind the story you hear in your earbuds.

‘Your throat hurts. Your brain hurts’: the secret life of the audiobook star | Books | The Guardian As the business booms, narrators talk tricky accents, lonely shifts and tackling 100 pages a day Source: ‘Your throat hurts. Your brain

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Advice worth repeating from Octavia Butler

I just wish this article weren’t riddled with typos. Nonetheless, it’s well worth reading if you can overlook them. I listened to Kindred recently (per her advice, I listen to recorded books during my almost daily walks) and found it

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She wrote one of my favorite books 

I dread the question, “What’s your favorite book?” because for me it’s always changing. It’s often something I’ve read recently because it’s fresh in my mind and something about it surprised me. But one novel that has been on my

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What does it mean to ‘excavate’ a literary work?

I’m fascinated by the idea of ‘excavation.’ Gerwig talks about seeing her girlhood in the pages of “Little Women” and excavating that work for her film interpretation. Years ago (when I was 9 or so) I wanted to be an

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Elements of Surprise

I heard about Vera Tobin’s book Elements of Surprise on the Hidden Brain podcast. Shankar Vedantam was interviewing Tobin about her work analyzing the ways in which knowing/not knowing affects the unfolding of narrative and how writers/filmmakers plant seeds to make plot

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There’s a word for that…

What’s the word for knowing you read something somewhere on-line but now you can’t find it and you can’t remember which site it was on? I thought I left the tab open because I wanted to link this article to

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EAT MORE KALE? BUY MORE BOOKS! by Lynne Weiss – Change Seven Magazine

Here’s my New Year’s Resolution, and it’s not to eat more kale. I eat quite a bit of kale. It’s satifsying. It’s good for me and the farmers who grow it, and it’s good for the environment. But I’m …

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