Rebecca and the #MeToo Movement

What if everything the narrator of du Maurier’s Rebecca told us was wrong? After all, everything we know is filtered through the 2nd wife, who only knows what she knows through what the murderer-husband told her.   Advertisements

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There’s a word for that…

What’s the word for knowing you read something somewhere on-line but now you can’t find it and you can’t remember which site it was on? I thought I left the tab open because I wanted to link this article to

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My son was mugged while we were on the phone. Here’s what happened next.  

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Sorry to Bother You–but you need to see this movie.

So I FINALLY got to see Sorry to Bother You. I tried a while ago and it was sold out the night I went, but I wish I’d made it so I could go again. This is a brilliant film

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Cleaning Out the Basement

Letter to a Friend: I hope this package is a pleasant surprise rather than a rude shock, but my husband is finally seriously dealing with his 45+ years of accumulated papers in our basement. This has been painful in the

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Truly, I live in dark times!

The news seems to get more depressing and disturbing every week. Brecht is so eloquent about what we can do and what we must do. If you don’t read German (and I barely do, I mean, I understand isolated words

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Berlin Stories: A Review Essay by Lynne Weiss

Source: Berlin Stories: A Review Essay by Lynne Weiss

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